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Friendly Call Centre Agent

Professional debt book management and collection

At TSL Legal we understand the opportunity – and the true cost – of debt. And know the power of efficient and compassionate collection.


As specialists in debt book management and the collection of outstanding accounts, we’ve built our reputation on service excellence and execution. We offer strategic considered legal advisory. We call customers and collect with care.


Since first opening our doors 21 years ago, we’ve been committed to acting with professionalism and integrity: an extension of your brand; holding to our values.


We deliver inspired solutions for our clients, growing and strengthening your business by recovering your debt.


Welcome to our world of credible business solutions…

We design the best solution with you



We develop a strategy and customised plans to fit your specific needs


Debt Collection

We collect outstanding debts using a process of arbitration


Increase Reach

We have a fully equipped call centre: we can provide your business with this service to specification, saving you time and money and increasing your reach


Labour Consulting

 We offer advice, guidance and the assistance you need to take swift and appropriate action, fairly and within the bounds of the South African labour law

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