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Our services and solutions

The quality of our work speaks for itself.

What we do

Specialising in debt book management and collections, TSL Legal offers a full range of legal consulting solutions, as well as sales and support services.


Founded in 1998, we’re a full member of the Debt Collector’s Council, ADRA and other business forums.


We work across both the public and private sectors, making use of arbitration to resolve disputes and recover outstanding debts.


Guided by the law, we’re driven by the impact we have on your business. Converting potential loss to revenue, we help your business to remain sustainable and viable – delivering to your clients, shareholders, customers and key stakeholders.


We’re hands-on – and we care. We’re not only highly qualified, we work directly in the field. We see ourselves as an extension of you and your team on each and every project. We provide cost savings to indebted communities, assisting them to pay off their debts faster and encouraging them to be more mindful when taking on debt.

Our partnership approach means that we design the best solution with you:



We develop a strategy and customised plans to fit your specific needs


Debt Collection

We collect outstanding debts using a process of arbitration


Increase Reach

We have a fully equipped call centre: we can provide your business with this service to specification, saving you time and money and increasing your reach


Labour Consulting

 We offer advice, guidance and the assistance you need to take swift and appropriate action, fairly and within the bounds of the South African labour law

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We’ll grow the profitability of your business.

What we believe

Everything we do is grounded in our values.

We lead by example and communicate effectively, efficiently and with respect. We are particularly proud of our long and proven history in commercial, retail and municipal third party collection services.

Our work in practice

Our work has had considerable impact. We’ve helped to define business and corporate strategies, and we’ve ensured the collection of over R1 billion of debt in South Africa since 1998.


We know our business and we know the law. We’re structured to provide expert legal guidance and assistance. We handle each of our accounts ethically and professionally. We offer service excellence consistently. We honour our working community and our field of work.


We convert loss into revenue. We offer added value, especially when it comes to debt book assessments and collecting. We specialise in municipal and corporate debt collection, conducting these services according to a negotiated set fee tariff.


We’re community-focused. We’re not simply debt-collectors. We assist the communities where we intervene with cost-savings to enable better debt repayment. Post 1994 our focus has been to empower women and previously marginalised communities to excel in the informal and corporate environments. We remain driven by this focus.


We achieve tangible results. We pride ourselves on our proven track record. This includes effectively administering numerous interventions across corporates, municipalities and parastatals.


We have an extensive blue-chip client base ranging across diverse sectors. This includes educational establishments, ICT companies, government, financial institutions, property investment groups, as well as realtors.


We know how to help your business grow – and prosper.

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