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Labour Consulting

What we offer:

Contracts & Agreements

– Employment contracts
– Independent Contractor’s agreements

– Mutual separation agreements

Policies & Procedures

– Grievance procedures
– Alcohol and drug abuse policies
– Sexual harassment policies
– Intellectual property policies

Disciplinary Matters

– Disciplinary matters
– Poor work performance procedure
– Incapacity dismissals

– Handling Disciplinary matters
– CCMA matters

– Initiation and prosecution of disciplinary action
– Chairing disciplinary enquiries
– Chairing sanction appeals
– Warning letters


– Step by step guidance
– Compilation of Documents
– Preparation of witnesses

– Guidance through the retrenchment process
– Guidance through the dismissal process


- Drafting company policies and procedures
- Review workplace policies
– Labour legislation compliance assessment
– Company policies implementation assessment

– Staff performance reviews


We conduct forensic audit or investigation related to wrongful conduct by employees comprising of;


Proactive forensic


-Statutory Audit

-Regulatory Compliance

-Diagnostic Tool

-Investigation of allegations


Reactive Forensic


To investigate cases of suspected fraud so as to prove or disprove the suspicions, and if the suspicions are proven, to identify the persons involved, support the findings by evidence and to present the evidence in an acceptable format in any subsequent disciplinary or criminal proceedings.

Pillars of Justice

What we do differently

Everything we do is grounded in our values.

We lead by example and communicate effectively, efficiently and with respect. 

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